St. Paul's 250th Anniversary in the year 2010

 Would you like to purchase this special commemorative plate?  Call the office at 845-876-7697.


 Shirley Swenson and Arlene Schuman present their magnificent hand-made quilted and embroidered wall-hanging, commemorating our 250th anniversary.  It's a true work of art and it will be cherished by all!



An exhibit focusing on St. Paul's, its families, and the neighborhood was that theme

The exhibit opened with a special reception at the museum on Saturday, June 5, 2010 from 6 - 8 PM. The exhibit  make use of objects from the Church's archive as well as those from the Museum's collection, including the Barbara Vaughan Frost Collection, Traver Collections, Robert Asher Collection and Eleanor Strong Asher Collection, Mann Collection, Town Historian Collection, Tricentennial Collection, and others.

Textiles, maps, photographs, and various three-dimensional objects were all on display. 


Many, wonderful events are scheduled throughout the year, in celebration of our 250th anniversary.   On January 24th,  a very special gift was given to the church.  One of our own church family, who moved to Tennessee a few years ago, sent it to us last year for safe keeping.  This beautiful "shadow-box" type of wall hanging was hand- made by Jann Ortstadt and given to us in honor and celebration of our history.  We will find a worthy place to hang it, once the renovations are over with.  In the meantime, we send Jann our heart-felt "Thank you" for all the time and effort she put into this most creative and thoughtful gift!


Prayer Shawl Ministry:  In 1997, Victoria Galo and Janet Brestow attended the Women’s Leadership Institute at the Hartford Seminary in Hartford, CT.  The following year these two women began using knitting as the medium for taking what they had learned at this institute out into the world – they knit shawls for people they knew who were in need of peace.  This launched an incredibly far-reaching knitting movement – the Shawl Ministry. ( The spirit of this ministry has spread across the country and beyond.  Now it is at St. Paul’s.

Our ministry started slowly in October of 2008. Several ladies meet about once a month to work on crocheting and knitting skills, share patterns, prayers, and projects, and work on completing prayer shawls.  A prayer shawl is a knitted or crocheted scarf, shawl, throw, or blanket with spiritual prayers woven into each stitch or row.  The finished shawl is given to a person in need of prayers as a tangible gift of God’s love and grace.  With over 15 Prayer Shawl completed, our ministry was dedicated on November 29, 2009, the first Sunday of Advent, in honor of St. Paul’s 250th Anniversary in 2010.  Our hope is this ministry will continue to grow and bring love and comfort to families and friends of our church community with these gifts of prayer.

All are welcome to join.  Lessons can be given to beginners who would like to learn to knit or crochet.  Patterns and prayers are shared and many styles of shawls are quite easy and fast to learn and complete.  We try to meet the first Sunday of each month after church, but support can be given most Sundays when needed.  Please contact Nancy Paul at 229-0233 if interested.

Right now we have about 8 women at all experience levels making beautiful prayer shawls.  To request a shawl contact any member of the group.  Finished shawls are available for immediate needs.  Shawls may also be requested to be made in a specific color and style.  The congregation may help this ministry by donating yarn, zipper bags from sheet sets, curtains, or small blankets and by letting us know of people in need of peace.


Please ask to see our scrapbook with pictures of our shawls and a journal of our ministry in action.

-Nancy Paul-